Tile Cleaning


Conduct standard cleaning or deep restoration procedure, because grout is porous it absorbs grease, dirt, mildew and mold daily making your building unhealthy. Using a high-pressured, truck mounted unit  along with the skilled technical procedure, ReNew can return the grout and tile surface back to its original new-floor condition.  This is a heavy-duty formulation created to simplify the process of cleaning tile and grout on floors and walls in restrooms, showers, kitchens and wherever grout and tile require heavy-duty cleaning power.


Once the floor is restored, a protective barrier is an excellent option to help ensure that soil and bacteria will not penetrate the grout, making maintenance easier. The protective barrier is a tough,permanent sealer that helps protect the tile and grout making it resistant to acids, food and dirt bases and stains.   There is also a removable protective sealer that can easily be applied using a traditional finish mops as well as a flat mop system. Both options also improve traction and reduce the potential for slips and falls!


Regular scheduled cleaning, using the proper products and procedures designed for grouted tile surfaces is the key to keeping soil and bacteria from building up on grouted surfaces.

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